Performance - Based Licensure By & For Teachers

The Opportunity

There is broad consensus that teacher licensure should be based on rigorous standards and measure on-the-job performance.

States offer multi-tiered teacher licenses.

Of these states use performance assessments.

Ohio, the first state to use Educopia

“We are asking licensure assessments to do more, to ensure a certain standard of educator quality and to be based on indicators correlated with readiness to enter a classroom or a school so we can make better informed decisions of who gets into the profession.”


Council of Chief State School Officers

Our Responsibility, Our Promise (2013)

“Teaching, like other respected professions, must have a universal assessment process for entry that includes rigorous preparation centered on clinical practice as well as theory, an in-depth test of subject and pedagogical knowledge, and a comprehensive teacher performance assessment.

American Federation of Teachers

Raising the Bar: Aligning and Elevating Teacher Preparation and the Teaching Profession (2012)

“States and districts that have adopted performance assessments to guide induction and decisions about licensing and tenure have supported much more purposeful and focused mentoring, with greater attention to a shared vision of good practice.”


Linda Darling Hammond

Creating a Comprehensive System for Evaluating and Supporting Effective Teachers (2012)

What Educopia Does

Building upon a comprehensive performance assessment created by a team of national experts, Educopia works shoulder-to-shoulder with states to design and implement innovative Tier 2 licensing systems. By training and certifying local educators to score authentic work from their peers and aligning the assessment to the essential competencies in the state standards for the teaching profession, Educopia helps states reach a shared vision for effective teaching and learning.

History of Educopia

Educopia Resources

To learn more about Educopia’s work with the Ohio Department of Education on the Ohio Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA), check out the resources below.


A clearinghouse of information for RESA candidates and assessors. The site includes webinars and news.


The RESA Handbook contains details about each of the four performance tasks, including the rubrics and the forms.

Summary of the RESA Design

This document provides an overview for how the Ohio Resident Educator Summative Assessment is designed.


This document provides technical guidance for RESA candidates, including details on how to select and submit evidence for the assessment.

Educator Perspectives

Advisory Board & Senior Staff

To ensure our performance assessment is rigorous, accurate and reliable, 
we rely on a team of national experts in teacher quality and talent management.

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